Simulation Developer II

Simulation Developer II

The SimsUshare Developer II course expands on the Developer I skills by presenting how to develop more intricate simulations that involve:

  • Navigating among locations beyond simple walkarounds
  • Evolving conditions (by time or by instructor control)
  • Masking effects to make smoke and fire appear like they originate behind buildings
  • Using your own pictures and audio files
  • How to make videos from your simulations

In addition, you will learn about logistical information about setting up shared simulations for your Department, and running SimsUshare from a portable USB drive.
After completing Level II, you should be able to create multi-location sims that can evolve over time or by instructor control, as well as use mask regions to simulate accurate visual placement of smoke and fire (through masking).


(Course Length: approximately 1 hr, 40 minutes of video)

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    • Thanks for the compliment — it is unfortunate that they seem to be stuck with the absolute basics. Maybe your work will inspire others to follow! We would be happy to share anything you’d like to share that can be useful to other instructors.

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