SimsUshare CTC Operator I

This class teaches the fundamentals of operating the SimsUshare Command Training Center (CTC) application, by reviewing the following topics through a series of video tutorials:

  • CTC purpose, expected use, and how to report feedback;
  • SimCloud: uploading and accessing your sims in the cloud;
  • Managing Users: how to set up multiple users in your account;
  • Running an exercise; and,
  • Joining a multiplayer exercise with the CTC Web Client.

SimsUshare CTC is currently in a private beta. To request access, please email us at, or call our support line at +1.215.627.8146.

Simulation Developer III

The SimsUshare Developer III course explains how to build more nuanced features into your simulations. It covers topics such as:

  • Creating ‘states’ to represent condition changes that persist across multiple locations (useful for multi-company exercises in the CTC)
  • Advanced navigation and movement among locations
  • Designing branching-logic simulations to account for crew decisions and varying consequences
  • Combining smoke and fire elements for blending and wind
  • Simulating visual damage on buildings and property.

After completing Level III, you should be able to create multi-location, branching logic simulations with mask regions.

Simulation Developer II

The SimsUshare Developer II course expands on the Developer I skills by presenting how to develop more intricate simulations that involve:

  • Navigating among locations beyond simple walkarounds
  • Evolving conditions (by time or by instructor control)
  • Masking effects to make smoke and fire appear like they originate behind buildings
  • Using your own pictures and audio files
  • How to make videos from your simulations
  • How to share simulations, including by email in the SimCloud

In addition, you will learn about logistical information about setting up shared simulations for your Department, and running SimsUshare from a portable USB drive.
After completing Level II, you should be able to create multi-location sims that can evolve over time or by instructor control, as well as use mask regions to simulate accurate visual placement of smoke and fire (through masking).

(Course Length: approximately 2 hours of video)

Simulation Developer I

The Simulation Developer I course covers the fundamentals of creating simulations with SimsUshare. The course consists of a series of videos (together less than one hour) that covers how to:

  • Download, install, and activate SimsUshare
  • Play simulations
  • Add and configure smoke and fire effects
  • Create simple 360’s/walkarounds,
  • Distribute and share your simulations,
  • Conduct an exercise online with the SimsUshare Command Training Center (CTC).

We have packaged the core skills in this course so you have a consistent and efficient way to acquire the fundamentals, in a reasonable amount of time.